IED Summer Courses

Do you have an interest in fashion, design, visual arts or management? If you wish to take advantage of the summertime to gain new abilities or complete and enhance specific skills and knowledge, IED Summer courses offer you the right alternative plan. A broad range of challenging courses from Fashion Design to Illustration, from Graphic Design to Interior Design, from Contemporary Art to Car Design, from Fashion Events to Jewelry Design and many others are available.

With a variety of destinations to choose from, such as MilanRomeTurinFlorenceVeniceBarcelona and Madrid, these cities, with their rich local resources, remarkable architectural buildings, and cultural heritage, will be a source of inspiration while developing your portfolio.




Taught in English or Spanish programs may last between 1 to 4 teaching weeks. Through a strategic combination of lectures, workshops, visits to companies, fairs, showrooms and museums, our educational programs provide you with the motivation, challenge, inspiration and advanced interactive learning opportunities. Our faculty is made up of professional designers that will share with you their personal stories and real-world experiences.

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