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October 18, 2019

IED at Dubai Design Week – Global Grad Show

IED is protagonist at Dubai Design Week 2019 with 5 projects on display at Global Grad Show and IED Alumnus Ghassan Salameh appointed as guest curator proposing two exhibitions.

The GGS is an exhibition of student works from the world’s leading design schools, held each November as part of Dubai Design Week. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering. With a selection rate of 1% IED is proud to have 5 projects selected by the curator Eleanor Watson.


Projects are by students and Alumni of the Undergraduate courses in Interior Design IED MadridProduct Design IED MadridProduct Design IED Barcelona and multidisciplinary teams of the project Fusion Point taking part to Challenge Based Innovation by CERN.

Projects’ details and bios:

CYLAB is the first transhumanist clinic ever. Mixing UX and AI, the space makes the cyborg experience possible thanks to a series of workshops, talks, and tools for the insertion of body gadgets within a space that respects the CYLAB is an adapting place due to its modular parts, and mobile furniture. It has an open source concept so that all the information, and hardware produced within it are uploaded to the Internet for free.

Beatriz Hernández Lorenzo is a space designer. She is passionate about design and very curious to learn constantly. She is creative, a good communicator, a perfectionist. The great challenges, as well as the field work, motivate her. She values working within an environment with personality, where everyone can participate.
Humanity has finally understood that its own survival on earth is fully dependant on allowing ecosystems to regrow in the hands of nature itself with a little help from technology. POLENO is a drone aiding the process of expanding ecosystems through stimulating pollination. POLENO is capable of deploying a fertilizer device over long distances, quietly and not intrusively mimicking the operation of a flower.

Laura Cragnolini is a product designer with a passion for graphic and packaging design. She devotes herself to her work and enjoys sharing ideas and helping out whenever she can, always open to learning from others. She aims to develop strong and impactful projects as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Juan José Martínez Guerrero starts from the challenges faced by the current generation, and looks for inspiration in nature, for he believes it has got all the answers. He is able to think outside the box and divide big problems into small challenges. He is curious, motivated and enthusiastic, constantly sharing his ideas so that something revolutionary is created.
EMA allows the performance of the electrocardiogram (ECG) test wirelessly simplifying the work of the medical professional and respecting the emotional comfort zone of the pediatric patient, allowing the conversion of the ECG test into a game. EMA is a project in which medical technologies adapt to their users and not vice versa.

Anastasiia Kuliabina believes in the power of human centered design and that design can change the world turning it into a better place. She is passionate with arts and technology and she is interested in researching how digital technology can change the way we produce and consume.
WE-BE is a relationship wellbeing device halfway between a piece of jewelry and a high - tech ‘wearable’. The solution is designed to raise awareness on gender inequality and unpaid labor, and to boost partners’ commitment to avoiding imbalances in the way their roles and tasks are shared within the relationship. To this end both partners wear one device which indicates the emotional battery level of their partner. This helps the partners detect stressful situations, know when to extend support, and share out their tasks fairly.

Kaya Team is composed of:
Bruna Camaroti - IED Barcelona
Heloise Simonneaux-Lanoix - IED Barcelona
Guillem Paris - UPC
Pol Carrera - UPC
Max Braeger - ESADE
WATER WALL is a home water management system aimed at turning household grey water into drinking water. Water Wall, features three filters: a sand filter, an activated charcoal filter, and a plasma filter / HEPF. These filters allow one to use 80% of grey water and also to analyse users’ water-consumption patterns. Furthermore, with the usage of the Internet of Things, there are plans to turn Water Wall into new water purification systems that could be sold to companies and other households, creating revenue for users

Team Water Wall is composed of:
Francesco Maria Lucini - IED Barcelona
Miguel Sanchez Rubio - ESADE
Roberto Alfredo Dager - ESADE
Sara El Mehtar - UPC Barcelona

Fusion Point brings together companies and students from several universities to meet and develop projects. Students include ESADE Business Administration and Law students, engineering students from Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC) and design students from IED Barcelona. Fusion Point works like a lab: based on real challenges, multidisciplinary teams develop new products, services and processes by adopting innovative methodologies.

Challenge Based Innovation by CERN is a programme asking teams of university students to develop projects for the purpose of making disruptive innovation, inspired by technological ideas that come from instrumentation development or basic research at CERN one of the world’s leading research centres in particle physics.


After the Master of Design and Innovation at IED Madrid, Ghassan Salameh founded his own experimental and research-led design studio practice in Beirut, Lebanon. Its lighting collections and site-specific installations have exhibited across the Middle East and internationally, including at design festivals in Venice, Milan, London, and Berlin. The principle which underpins Ghassan’s work is the notion of using design as an agent of positive change. Last year, he organized and curated Beirut Design Week 2018 with a central thematic focusing on the role of Design in making the City a more livable and socially just space.

Ghassan will be curating two exhibitions within Downtown Editions; “MADAR” will shed light on the current state of regional design and the emerging movements from design-active cities in the region, while “INSIGHT/ONSITE” will boost new works and creations of regionally based design entrepreneurs.


Visit Dubai Design Week from 11 to 16 November to discover the projects and meet the designers!

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