Undergraduate Courses


STEP 1: Verify the admission requirements and fee structure

Every category of course has a different admission process, for this reason, we invite you to check carefully the specific section on the right of this webpage and the downloadable pdf documents available there.  You will be able to know the  specific admission procedures, the deadlines, and the required documents for your course of choice. Click Here to choose the course of your interest.

STEP 2: Start the Online Admission Process

Once you have received the login details from your personal advisor you can start and follow up your admission process on IED Admission Page.

If you are not already in contact with an advisor use the “Apply online” button on the top of the webpage.

After submitting the request you will receive an answer with general information on the chosen course, from your Admission Advisor. In order to go forward with the process reply directly to your advisor.

STEP 3: Prepare and send the required documents

Complete the Personal Information section, fill in and sign the Pre-Enrolment Form and send it to the school together with the requested documents, listed in the admission procedure. IED will inform you about the result of the fullness of documents, and will start the admission process.

STEP 4: Admission Interview

After receiving all the required documents, IED evaluate them and, if necessary, schedule an admission interview on Skype, according to your availability.

STEP 5: Enrolment

After Admission, you are able to complete the enrolment process by signing documents and Regulations (you can download them in your Personal Area) and by paying the Enrolment fee and the Regional Tax (only for BA courses).

STEP 6: Matriculation

After the enrolment, you have to complete the payment of the Tuition fee. The Prerequisite language course – if demanded – shall be settled by the end of August.


PRE-Enrollment Deadline at Italian Diplomathic Authorities

What is Pre-enrolment?

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country and you need a Student Visa, you must inform the local Italian Authorities about the University/Academy and the course of your choice before the Visa application.

You have to do so, even if you already completed the IED Admission/Enrolment process!

Moreover, you will be asked to validate your Diploma through the Declaration of Local Value at the local Italian Cultural Office or Consulate/Embassy.

In order to do so you must take an appointment at the nearest Italian Consulate/Embassy (University Office). Please consider that every year the deadline is around mid-july. More info HERE

Find here:

the form to Pre-enrol (in English)
the form to request the Declaration of Value (in Italian – you can fill it together with the officer)
the list of Italian Consulates

With the Pre-Enrolment Certificate (+ Declaration of Local Value) and the IED Enrolment Certificate you will be able to complete the set of documents required by each Consulate/Embassy for the Visa Application and take a second appointment for that purpose.

Do not hesitate to contact your Advisor/Area manager for any further information you might need!


IED supports brilliant and motivated students offering financial aid, right-to-study scholarships, merit scholarships and discounts based on merits of financial status. For more details please visit ied.edu/financial-aid


Undergraduate courses fees are split into enrolment and tuition fee. The amount of enrolment is fixed, instead of the tuition may vary according to the scheme below.

ITA/EU STUDENTS: They may benefit from Tuition fee reductions based on family income brackets, the so-called ISEE Universitario declaration. It is not a compulsory paper to complete the enrolment but it is necessary to determine the income bracket and the relevant Tuition Fee. Without ISEE Universitario declaration the highest Tuition Fee will be applied.

EXTRA -EU STUDENTS: They can take advantage of IED dedicated promotions such as Early Bird, scholarships…