Educational Model

Four schools for 4 creative worlds

The design matrix takes the form of the four IED Schools: Design, Fashion , Visual Arts and IED Management.

Each IED location houses four completely independent schools: what unites them is the common denominator of design culture and shared inspiring principles.

IED teaching methods require that all the schools:

• forge strong bonds with the local production and operation systems in their regions;
• interface with their benchmark sectors;
• evolve depending on the growth standards of their underlying markets and professional situations.

For these reasons, rather than just keeping in step with their times, the IED training courses are often thriving trend anticipators. IED represents a conceptual innovation hub. A number of professionals from a variety of backgrounds come together to provide the input for a cross-fertilisation between areas and disciplines. The outcome is excellence. Evidence of this value is found in IED’s essential role in such leading events as Milan Salone del Mobile and Milan Fashion Week.

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